Free School Management Software / School ERP Free Demo
 100% Assistance in Implementation and training
• We shall carry out a system study to understand the    functionality of your institution.
• A training package will be installed on one machine for    familiarization
• Customize the package to take up your day to day    functioning of your school/college including fees and all    modules of your requirement.
• We will test the software at our site and at your site to    check whether the customisation goes well or not.
• Training involves mainly two parameters; first one is the    orientation course to update operating staff mindsets to    receive the software. Second one is to train on its    functionality. both logical and technical.
• Data collection: basic data of the students & the staff are to    be provided to the company as input to the software. this is    to speed up the implementation process
• On completion of the data entry of the students and staff we shall install the package for normal functioning.     A general written help in book format/HTML file format which ever is available shall be provided.
• Software training classes will be conducted and also we ensure that you have some "HOP" s (Hands on     Practice) to make the user to familiarize with the data entry and report generation.
• Incase you are looking for additional training at any stage due to change of staff etc, that will be taken up.
• During examination and also during first fee entry to the system we shall be at hand to ensure smooth    functioning.