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We aspire to be the best in our fields. We know that all the good schools have best of everything in their campus viz. well educated and dedicated faculty, best infrastructure in terms of class rooms, labs, sports arena, hostels and even swimming pools. They also have very best IT labs as well, but what they lack is connectivity. What we mean is that teachers, students and the parents are seldom found to be on the same common platform. That is done by connecting through IT solutions. As the principal wants to monitor the attendance, collection or the schedule of events on his laptop, so the parents would like to see the report card of his child. Gone are days when parents have enough time to attend 'Parents - Teachers Meet' or even if they come to meet, would it not be a wonderful idea to show the perfomance of their child on the screen of a computer. This is what we mean by connecting parents, teachers and students on common platform, just by clicking on the mouse.
Our internationally reputed IT solution aimed to bring about revolutionary change in concept of connecting all three on the common platform through our product AIMS PLUS. We serve the schools to have sound administrative back up which has already been existing unwired. So if you want to connect the parents with the school campus, we are there to help you with our software tool.
Select from our wide range of educational management solution: AIMS PLUS with proven track record of easiest implementation, maintenance and innovative features make it stand apart from the available other school management software/ School ERP Solution .
School Management Software / School ERP (AIMS PLUS) is an instrument through which you administer the functioning of entire system in an automated manner. To meet this critical need of CONNECTIVITY We have developed this school management software/ School ERP Solution for a sound, robust, responsive and yet flexible administration.
AIMS PLUS is the solution we propose for your smooth running of school, designed and developed, keeping in mind the various parameters which are required to be monitored and applicable for a reputed school who are either the leaders in the field or trying to cut a niche for themselves.
 School Management Software empowers you to :
  • Record Application Distribution
  • Manage Student Information Efficiently.
  • Record Student Billing and Payments .
  • Maintain Grades , Create Teacher Grade Book .
  • Analyze the Performance of a class as a whole throughStudent Grading Software.
  • Trace Student Attendance with Student
  • Attendance Software.
  • Manage Hostel Accommodation Allotment
  • Communicate with Students or Parents with Ease.
  • Manage your own Security .
  • Compile Pre-Admission Merit List Automate Admissions
School Management Software/ School ERP Free Demo
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