Online Document Management

This module assists decision makers with easy, fast and intelligent document Storage & retrieval. It also provides a repository of the project related knowledge base at a single place. Business - critical documents are preserved for years and available at fingertips with highly responsive searchfeature. It also facilitates automated routing of the right documents, to the right person, at the right time.

> Complete Accounting system
> Linking of related documents
> Secured check-in, check-out and updates
> Version, revision, routing, and approval history log
> Automated change requests, change management and change notifications.
> Automated Flow of document based on user defined Workflow
> Quick, authenticated access to documents via the desktop
> Audit trail facility capturing access & user information
> Easily scalable to grow with changing system requirements
> Enterprise-wide access to information through the web and intranet
> Improved information security restricting unauthorized access
> Well organized corporate information for easy retrieval executing the Projects.
> Information and the Payment schedule.
> Maintains the Sale Deed and other legal documents
> Maintains the history of Litigation if any